Architectural Terrazzite

What is Architectural Terrazzite?

Architectural Terrazzite is a high-quality flooring option designed to look like polished marble. It’s a synthetic material developed for commercial use by leading New Zealand resin manufacturer Nuplex. This unique flooring solution is known for its durability and suitability for areas with lots of foot traffic, making it perfect for renovation projects.

Benefits of Architectural Terrazzite

Architectural Terrazzite has many benefits aside from its good looks, here are some of the key advantages to keep in mind.

  • Time and Money Saving: Architectural Terrazzite can be applied over existing floors, allowing architects and designers to modernise old terrazzo or ceramic tile floors without the need to remove them. This not only saves time and money but also provides a seamless, low-maintenance, and long-lasting flooring option.
  • Customisation: You can choose the base colour from an Australian standard colour chart and select stone colours from Barossa Quarries to suit your project’s specific needs. You have endless possibilities when it comes to colour, chip appearance, and overall design. You can create colourful patterns, borders, metal dividers, or any other preferred effects. Additionally, Terrazzite comes in different application types to meet various project requirements.

Types of Architectural Terrazzite

Different projects have different needs, so it’s essential that you choose the correct solution.

Architectural Terrazzite (Polyester Based) – This system involves a blend of coloured polyester resin, coloured marble aggregate, and filler. It can be troweled over existing concrete, tiles, or terrazzo surfaces and stands out for its fast curing time (only 1.5 hours for drying), which means minimal business downtime. It offers a wide range of design features, colours, and long-term durability, making it an excellent choice for modern decorative floors in high-traffic areas.

Polyurethane Terrazzo (Cement Based) – This system utilises a cement matrix and has a relatively short curing time of about 3 hours. It’s odour-free and is typically thicker and heavier than epoxy systems. It offers a broad range of colour options, creating beautiful surfaces, and some varieties can even be used outdoors.

Epoxy Terrazzo – Epoxy terrazzo has a longer curing time of approximately 12 hours but offers excellent chemical resistance and is highly durable. Epoxy terrazzo is perfect for multi-colored patterns and designs and is highly durable. It’s lighter than other terrazzite systems and boasts the lowest maintenance cost due to its non-absorbent nature. This system can be installed with minimal dividers, providing seamless characteristics for sanitary areas or aesthetic purposes.

Why Choose Durable Floors for Architectural Terrazzite Installation?

We’ve been around since 2006, so we’ve had plenty of time to build our experience. Our time on the job is far from our only differentiating factor, however. We also stand out in other ways. We strictly rely on commercial-grade products manufactured in Australia and New Zealand to provide the best quality flooring solutions. We also provide a 20-year warranty on all our architectural terrazzite installations. So, if you encounter problems for whatever reason, we’ll be true to our word and return to make any changes needed. And finally, our customer service is second to none, whatever questions or concerns you have we are happy to go above and beyond. So, if you’re interested in our Architectural Terrazzite solutions, give us a call to learn more.