Architectural Terrazzite

Architectural Terrazzite

Architectural Terrazzite is a seamless polished synthetic alternative to terrazzo flooring and is designed to mimic the sheen of marble. Terrazzite was developed for the commercial market by one of the largest resin manufacturers in New Zealand Nuplex. It is an architecturally designed stone finish product that is resin based and can be laid minimum 6mm thick on most sound floor surfaces. Very little additional weight is added to the floors.  Extremely durable and suitable for heavy foot traffic areas, which makes it particularly suited for any refurbishment. Terrazzite can be laid over existing floor gives architects and designer the ability to change the old-style terrazzo or ceramic tiles to modern style seamless flooring, that is durable, has low maintains and It safes on cost and time of removing existing floor.

Architectural Terrazzite has an excellent aesthetic appeal. The final effect is determined by both the resin base colour and the choice of Marble chips. The only limitation is your imagination with unlimited choice of colour, chip appearance for overall layout. The floors may be laid with colour patterns, borders, metal dividing or in any effect preferred.

There are different types of application for terrazzite to fit your needs:

Architectural Terrazzite – 1.5 hours curing or drying time (Polyester based)

  1. Standard has installation odour for 3hrs
  2. ZV odour free system zero volatile organic compound

Polyurethane Terrazzo – 3 hours curing and has no odour (cement based)

Epoxy Terrazzo – 12 hours curing time